Our Goal: Cleaner and More Efficient Septic Systems

The Septic Inspector can get you started on the road to a healthier septic system for your residential or commercial property through our Preventative Maintenance Program. We also provide a 25% discount off of all septic Inspections for our up-to-date Preventative Maintenance Program customers. Call us today at 207-730-1548 to get more information about our programs and services.

Septic Systems – Preventative Maintenance

Proper preventative maintenance can extend the life of your septic system. Systems that are not regularly maintained will average less than 20 years, however studies conducted by field professors, scientists and engineers reveal that proper maintenance can help a septic system to last much longer. This can save the homeowner thousands of dollars over a lifetime.

The Septic Inspector offers an affordable Preventative Maintenance Program designed to give our residential and commercial clients peace of mind in knowing that their septic system is being properly maintained, checked and monitored.

Neglect or Abuse to Your Septic System Can Cause It to FAIL!

A failing septic system can cause the following:

  • serious health risks to your family or neighbors
  • degrade the surrounding environment including groundwater, lakes and streams
  • reduce your property value
  • cost thousands of dollars to repair

The Septic Inspector’s Preventative Maintenance Contracts are available for specific types of septic systems, including:

  • conventional septic systems
  • innovative and alternative systems, such as Singulair’s, FAST Systems, Eljen Systems, Presby Systems and Oakson Systems
  • pressure distribution systems

The Septic Inspector provides our Preventative Maintenance Program customers with regular monitoring of the entire septic system – just leave the dirty work to us with confidence! With over 30 years of experience working in the local septic industry, The Septic Inspector is the clear choice for your septic system maintenance and repair services.

Septic System Risers, Covers and Filters

You can extend the life of your septic system by just performing a couple of simple and cost-effective tasks. Signing up for the The Septic Inspector’s Preventative Maintenance Program is one way to eliminate septic system surprises and make simple adjustments that will prevent costly repairs or replacements. Another way to improve the effectiveness of your septic system is through the use of risers, covers and filters.

Riser and Cover Installation

When your septic system is more accessible, it is also much more safe and attractive. These goals can be achieved through the use of strong, durable risers and system covers. Once installed, homeowners will be able to provide easy access to the system for future repairs, upgrades or cleaning services, eliminating the need to dig and excavate the system each time it needs to be pumped.

Effluent Filter Installation and Maintenance

People in the septic industry, including engineers, scientists and educators, suggest that property owners install an effluent filter in the outlet tee of their septic tank to extend the life of their system. Coupled with a regular maintenance program, such as The Septic Inspector’s Preventative Maintenance Program, your septic system could actually last much longer then the expected average. Due to the high cost associated with replacing a septic system, this seemingly small upgrade to your system will pay off in a big way.

Upgrade Your System with Septic Inspector and Save!

Give The Septic Inspector a call at 207-730-1548 for more information about adding risers, covers and effluent filters to your septic system. Consultation services are available for both residential and commercial property owners. We can help you save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your septic system through our Preventative Maintenance Program, services, education and system upgrade options.